Saeko Nakano

Box with kirikane decoration

  • Kirikane cut foil embellishing
  • Presented in 2009
  • H 12.0 x W 15.0 x D 15.0 cm
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Category Kirikane cut foil embellishing
Year Presented 2009
Dimensions H 12.0 x W 15.0 x D 15.0 cm

  • Kirikane cut foil embellishing

    Kirikane cut foil embellishing was originally used to lavishly decorate Buddhist images. Today the technique is employed on decorative boxes and other craft objects. First, layers of gold leaf made by beating gold into thin, paper-like sheets are heated and combined over a charcoal fire. The resulting foil is cut into shapes such as lines, squares, and triangles using a bamboo knife. A brush is used to apply the cut foil in the desired pattern, and the piece is complete.

Saeko Nakano

photo Saeko Nakano

I produce my artwork by applying kirikane to the wooden base formed on a lathe. The wooden bases are made by my husband, Nobuhito. I don't color the wood as I use dark colored wood such as red sandalwood, mulberry, Japanese zelkova and persimmon-wood. I try to make the most of the form and original color of the wooden base. I try to make artwork that can only be made with kirikane by mixing straight and curved gold leaf and adding some movement by changing the density and amount of gold leaf.