Koumin Ozawa

Bronze flower vessel cast in igurumi method "Sky"

  • Metalwork
  • H 31.0 x W 32.0 x D 12.0 cm
  • Not for Sale

Category Metalwork
Dimensions H 31.0 x W 32.0 x D 12.0 cm

Living National Treasure Koumin Ozawa

photo Koumin Ozawa

If there is no light, everything freezes, and there is no life. Also, if there is no water, everything burns out, and again there is no life. Because of the perfect harmony of light and water, there is the planet Earth, and also the universe. Something invisible, something that cannot be felt on the skin, Wind, whirlpools, radio waves, sounds, magnetism, air, and so on These are also a manifestation of the harmony of light and water. I express light in red lines and water in white lines, and I want to continue my creative activities with a focus on light and water images.