Toshihiro Shimazaki

Pen Stand Made of Jindai Zelcova Wood

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • H 12.7 x W 10.5 x D 10.5 cm
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Category Wood and Bamboo
Dimensions H 12.7 x W 10.5 x D 10.5 cm

Toshihiro Shimazaki

photo Toshihiro Shimazaki

For the majority of my woodwork pieces I use mulberry wood from Mikura Island, which is very typical of Edo sashimono (joinery). In keeping with the original Edo sashimono techniques, and the old saying, I use the right mortise for the right section, and my basic idea is that by carefully selecting a variety of precious woods I create craft pieces giving a relaxed feeling and bringing comfort to people’s daily lives.