Toshihiro Shimazaki

Box with Color Lined Marquetry Decoration

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • H 22.0 x W 13.6 x D 23.3 cm
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Category Wood and Bamboo
Dimensions H 22.0 x W 13.6 x D 23.3 cm

  • Mokuga wood decoration

    Mokuga (“wood picture”) is a decorative technique in which slices of wood several millimeters thick are cut into geometric pieces such as rectangles or triangles and then attached to the surface of an object to create a design. Complicated works may use over one thousand small parts, carefully arranged with attention to the alignment of the grain.

Toshihiro Shimazaki

photo Toshihiro Shimazaki

For the majority of my woodwork pieces I use mulberry wood from Mikura Island, which is very typical of Edo sashimono (joinery). In keeping with the original Edo sashimono techniques, and the old saying, I use the right mortise for the right section, and my basic idea is that by carefully selecting a variety of precious woods I create craft pieces giving a relaxed feeling and bringing comfort to people’s daily lives.