Kiun Nitta

Box of red sandalwood with wood inlay decoration. “Milky way”

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • Presented in 2014
  • H 8.1 x W 10.1 x D 33.8 cm
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Category Wood and Bamboo
Year Presented 2014
Dimensions H 8.1 x W 10.1 x D 33.8 cm
Exhibition The 61th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Kiun Nitta

photo Kiun Nitta

As the main material, NITTA uses precious imported hardwood (rosewood, ebony, Bombay blackwood, or Burmese rosewood), and employs traditional techniques to create modern works by applying thin-line inlay with Japanese boxwood. He produces many different types of work ranging in size from side boards to tea scoops. In 2007 or so, NITTA started incorporating his own ideas into his pieces.