Kiyotsugu Nakagawa

Rectangular box of jindai cedar wood with marquetry.

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • Presented in 2014
  • H 11.2 x W 10.3 x D 40.3 cm
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Category Wood and Bamboo
Year Presented 2014
Dimensions H 11.2 x W 10.3 x D 40.3 cm
Exhibition The 61th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Living National Treasure Kiyotsugu Nakagawa

photo Kiyotsugu Nakagawa

My works are produced with a woodwork technique aligning straight grains, in which wood sections are precisely assembled and carefully matched. They are particularly characterized by geometric patterns and make use of materials buried in the ground. Timber buried underground becomes semi-petrified and some Japanese cedars are around 2,600 years old. By making full use of the beauty and unique qualities of such material, my pieces have their own feel and special shades of color.