Kanji Araki

Low table of zelkova wood finished in wiped urushi.

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • Presented in 2014
  • H 31.0 x W 100.0 x D 44.0 cm
  • Sold Out

Category Wood and Bamboo
Year Presented 2014
Dimensions H 31.0 x W 100.0 x D 44.0 cm
Exhibition The 61th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Kanji Araki

photo Kanji Araki

Cherishing the inspiration received from the works of the master KURODA Tatsuaki, a living national treasure, and my encounters with him, I have acquired woodwork techniques, and engage in creative activity with a focus on the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. Using wood as my material, I am producing furniture and craft products that are used in daily life and give warmth and calmness to the mind. I mainly use woodwork joints, wood turning, or combined techniques to create the basic piece, and for finishing I usually apply the fuki-urushi (wiped urushi) technique. Trees that have lived for decades or through the centuries show their vitality and massive presence; they each have their own individual expressive and beautiful wood grain, color, and texture. I always keep in mind how best to bring out the natural beauty of each piece of the wood. In other words, my work is to bring life to the body of the trees.