Keiji Onihira

Box with design in makie. “Merciful light”

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2014
  • H 8.0 x W 10.5 x D 40.2 cm
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Maki-e box "Mihikari" was made with the image of a common bluebottle's beautiful blue wings and the sight of it flying swiftly. I drew butterflies that are said to be symbols of reincarnation of spirits, and on the side, the fruit and flower of a Bo tree, also known as the tree of the Budha, where the Budha was spiritually awakened. Seashells are used for the butterfly and mainly silver-palladium alloy for the Bo tree.

Mihikari means "Nurturing all creations and blessing the world", and the Chinese character expressing "Mi" means, "loving,caring and gracious". My benefactor passed away when I was making this, and so I put my thoughts into this piece wishing that he will watch over us from above.

Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2014
Dimensions H 8.0 x W 10.5 x D 40.2 cm
Materials silver-palladium alloy, south sea abalone shells (known as tamamushi (jewel beetle) shells)
, gold
Exhibition The 61st Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition

Keiji Onihira

photo Keiji Onihira

I create my artwork with lacquer, gold, powder, mother-of-pearl, using various makie techniques. Many new types of lacquer and pigments are being developed these days. I try to use these new materials and techniques within the traditional artwork, as I believe this will create a new tradition. With traditional lacquerware at the base, I want to try various motifs and themes to produce artwork that create a special little world or atmosphere.