Hayato Otani

Dodecagonal Covered Food Vessel of Rantai with Kinma “Chōtonbo (Rhyothemis fuliginosa)”

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2013
  • H 8.0 x W 23.0 x D 23.0 cm
  • Sold Out

Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2013
Dimensions H 8.0 x W 23.0 x D 23.0 cm
Exhibition The 60th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
Awards Japan Kōgei Association Important Intangible Cultural Property Holder Award

Living National Treasure Hayato Otani

photo Hayato Otani

Bamboo woven base, kinma* * Kinma: applying lacquer on the bamboo woven base, carving patterns, applying color lacquer, and polishing