Takashi Tomono

Kanshitsu Serving Tray "Evening Shower in Late Autumn"

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2024
  • H 15 / ø 34.5 cm
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Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2024
Dimensions H 15 / ø 34.5 cm
Exhibition The 41st Lacquerware Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
Awards MEXT Award

  • Lacquering

    Lacquering (kyūshitsu) is the art of applying lacquer to a substrate using spatulas or brushes. The technique includes a range of processes, from reinforcing the substrate with cloth to building up the foundation and applying the middle- and top-coats. The final coat can be left as is (nuritate), polished with charcoal to a high-gloss finish (roiro shiage), or given one of several hundred alternative (kawarinuri) finishes. Lacquer application is known for both its technical difficulty and richly expressive qualities.

Takashi Tomono

photo Takashi Tomono

My specialty is "lacquering", which is the whole process of applying urushi lacquer. I put emphasis on the beauty of the form and do not add much decoration. As I consider what is being placed on the vessel to be the main character, I try to make artwork that makes the food stand out and is easy to use, especially for lacquerware such as soup bowls that are used in everyday life. For one-and-only pieces, I think about the atmosphere it will create and use things that cannot be seen, such as the wind and light, as motifs for my designs so that people can use their imagination in the plain lacquered vessel. I consider urushi lacquer as a combination of blessings from the mountains and affection of people. I would like to make artwork that is traditional but new by giving my full attention to the material and bringing out the original beauty of urushi lacquer.