Yataro Amemiya


  • Inkstone carving
  • Presented in 2023
  • H 5.4 x W 16.1 x D 21.2 cm
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Category Inkstone carving
Year Presented 2023
Dimensions H 5.4 x W 16.1 x D 21.2 cm
Exhibition The 63rd East Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Yataro Amemiya

photo Yataro Amemiya

An ink slab is not just an artifact to rub down an ink stick and make some sumi or black ink; it is for calming the mind while making sumi, a place to confront the self. For me the ink slab is "a receptacle of the spirit" and in its functional simplicity I found the possibility of an artistic expression suitable for today's society. I am pursuing the creation of contemporary sculpture in this simple "form or shape" in which natural materials are allowed to express themselves.