Sekisui Ito

Mumyōi bowl with marbled line design.

  • Ceramics
  • Presented in 2023
  • H 14.0 / ø 43.0 cm
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Category Ceramics
Year Presented 2023
Dimensions H 14.0 / ø 43.0 cm
Materials Mumyoi clay
Exhibition The 70th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Living National Treasure Sekisui Ito

photo Sekisui Ito

Mumyoi-yaki, the fine Japanese pottery made from reddish clay known as mumyoi. Producing the clay, the heart of Sado’s goldmine shares 200 years of history with people. Akamizu Kiln has a long tradition that was started by ITO Tomizaburo (HAGUCHIYA Jinbei) during the Tempo period. His grandson Tomitaro called himself ITO Sekisui, and Sekisui II, III and IV followed this trade. Their works received a number of awards at exhibitions at home and abroad, meanwhile the generations of the family were privileged with the honor of purchases by the Imperial family. Since ITO Yoichi succeeded to Sekisui V in 1977, he has received numerous awards at the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition, Japanese Ceramic Arts Exhibition, international exhibitions and others. In 2003 he was appointed a holder of important intangible cultural property (living national treasure).