photo Embossing


Embossing, or metal chasing (uchidashi), is the process of using punches to raise designs on metal by repeatedly hammering the face or back of a piece (the latter technique being known as “repoussage”). Embossed work can take the shape of highly pronounced three-dimensional forms or shallow reliefs like those seen on brooches and ornaments for kimono obi.


  • 1.An outline of the desired shape is transferred to a sheet of metal.
  • 2.The metal is heated and a punch is used to shape the metal.
  • 3.The finished form is cut out of the sheet of metal.
  • 4.The surface is polished, inlay motifs are added, and a colored patina is applied, completing the piece.
  • Reference: Nihon Kōgeikai Higashi Nihon Shibu (Japan Kōgei Association Eastern Branch), ed., Dentō kōgei-tte nani? – miru, shiru, tanoshimu gaido bukku (What Are Traditional Crafts? –A Guidebook to Seeing, Learning, and Enjoying). Unsodo, 2013.