Toshie Oki Flower Basket Made in Takaori Line Construction Method "Breeze from Flapping Wings"

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • Created in 2021
  • H 21.5 / ø 48.5 cm
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As I started bird watching with my child, I realized the beauty of the tense feeling when the bird starts flapping its wings. I tried to express the wind and tension when the bird starts flapping using my original takaori line construction method.
By making the angle of the ridge lines shallow, lines appear when light shines on it, and disappears when there is no light. I wanted people to enjoy how the appearance of this piece changes when moved or seen from different angles.

Category Wood and Bamboo
Year of Creation 2021
Dimensions H 21.5 / ø 48.5 cm
Exhibition The 18th Wood and Bamboo Traditional Kōgei Exhibition (2021)
Awards Mitsukoshi Isetan Award